The Price of Tomorrow Even before Ben Bernanke made the official declaration that the Fed is, in fact, targeting inflation, economists and governments around the world have counted on it to manage ever-increasing debts. Jeff Booth, author of “The Price of Tomorrow,” argues that they are fighting an inevitably losing battle. In this interview with Max Wiethe, Booth … Continue reading The Price of Tomorrow

[ money money money ] It’s a Debt Ridden World

Say it ...MON-EY. It's almost an obscenity in this debt-based world, hence we don't like to talk about it much. The word brings up all our stuff doesn't it; embarrassment if we don't have it, guilt if we have it, and of course all-out panic if we can't cover our expenses. Scarcity of money is … Continue reading [ money money money ] It’s a Debt Ridden World

pHx First Before Meeting

When Suzanna mentioned a problem with the Tamari this morning, my less that object response got me thinking and processing what just happened. I then realized that I was still dozing off to sleep and of course had not yet done a round of pHx. To be completely objective and working from a point of … Continue reading pHx First Before Meeting

First Letter to The Team

Hi Suzanna: It's easy to forget that everything in life is accomplished via team work. When I think of all you've given these past years and the supreme dedication you consistently demonstrate for the common evolution and the benefit of all I am reminded that the world will be a better place and the way … Continue reading First Letter to The Team

Campaign Strategy Posts

As we initiate our marketing the aim will be to work the regular weekly strategy schedule, but gear the marketing around campaigns which will be entered as posts. Once the campaign has started the status is changed from Approved to In Process... Each campaign will have an outline with Visualization & Goals / Campaign Specifics … Continue reading Campaign Strategy Posts

BFL/BFLT – Blog & Social Media Positioning

Facebook BFL Page: Primary forum & blog for Direct pHx User and Trainer Info/ Tips/ Testimony Interviews/ pHx Video Tips/ Trending Health & Fitness > Support with Constant Contact Social Offers/ Twitter and pHx Videocast and Customer Emails/ LinkedIn Posts and Discussion Groups > Archive Top Posts in BFL Health Fit News and on YouTube. … Continue reading BFL/BFLT – Blog & Social Media Positioning

BFL Market Focus/ Bad Bitches

Flowing in the pattern of Lady Gaga's success these 3 things  create a positioning that both obtainable and sustainable. Love what you do and live it 24/7... For Gaga it is music. For Suzanna (and I) it's pHx, the Body'Fit Life and Attract Success (the Metawork)... The site(s) are a platform for this lifestyle. The … Continue reading BFL Market Focus/ Bad Bitches

Twitter Response to Specific Posts

Good response today, Dec. 22nd 2011, already at 2/3 of yesterday which was at 34 views on HealthQuiz. Attribute to momentum and more sophisticated posts today to Jay-Z Chris  Bosh Donna Newman Howard Stern Joan River and Bill Maher audience focus: "Hoover's police & penguins line up in Carrey's Charlie Chaplin movie. Who's still not a citizen?" "Chaplin's naturalness … Continue reading Twitter Response to Specific Posts

Seal of Approval, Research/ Outreach

It came to me in a dream, just before I woke up. A golden seal stamped with two words 'Research" and "Outreach'. We've been given the missing piece to attracting serious attention to our research fund for pHx. It's one thing when you're "fighting for the cure", people with money like to donate to cancer. … Continue reading Seal of Approval, Research/ Outreach