First Letter to The Team

Hi Suzanna:

It’s easy to forget that everything in life is accomplished via team work. When I think of all you’ve given these past years and the supreme dedication you consistently demonstrate for the common evolution and the benefit of all I am reminded that the world will be a better place and the way it was meant to be with pHx and the Metawork in it.

The amount of information you’ve/we’ve produced and the clarity with which it has arrived as a product on the Internet is second to none. Together we’ve achieved milestones that are too many to mention, but each has been the pivotal need at the moment, strengthening our products and the process of democratization.

These past few months we’ve carefully fined tuned the sites to be fully ready for the specific market focus we’ve chosen. We are well positioned now to use the most current inbound marketing concepts, this along with our understanding of the sale process and of course the human psyche via the Metawork, makes our venture a very promising one. And our ability to service others and the common evolution is almost in place.

In just a few short weeks we will have three websites that promote and allow for the true democratization of pHx and the Metawork. I never even imaged so many years ago that we would accomplish this much and that we would arrive at this point in history where our survival as a species is now dependent upon the work.

So with great enthusiasm I applaud and celebrate what we have done and am fully prepared to crush limiting beliefs, align with the perfect pattern and with total will to do and through collaboration and unity proceed with you and our team to present and democratize Meta Living for the benefit of all.

To celebrate our achievements and enjoy the moment, I’d like to invite you to personally attend the Pacific National Exposition with me this Sunday, and then on Monday enjoy a day of biking and berry picking out in the valley. Food and beverages will be provided. (Don’t bring a tent – we have room in the guest house.) I look forward to spending these two days with you.

All the best,

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