[ money : politics : religion ] Let’s talk about something else for a change

When I was growing up, yes that was awhile ago, we’d actually eat dinner together every night as a family (now of course that has it’s pro’s and con’s), never the less, we all sat around the table and reviewed our day together, with just one rule. We weren’t allowed to talk about money, sex, politics or religion. The focus was on what we were doing, enjoying and accomplishing. This included things like our health, happiness, and successes for the day in regards to benefiting ourselves, our friends and community. It was relaxed conversation and always good to spend a few minutes together as a family.

Now I know this just doesn’t happen much today. We’re over busy trying to make ends meet financially, over busy with commitments at work, and in general just to busy to take time for ourselves and often for our family as a unit. To make matters worse we’re always connected and our smart phones seem to rule our life. The outcome too, is predictable – stress, overwhelm, obesity, inactivity, poor health; the list goes on and on.

So how do we cope with the demands, pressures and this endless loop of busyness? A question I ask myself constantly… usually followed by the question, “What do I want?” Put a meaningful answer to this one question has become my quick hack to jump over the busyness and find my purpose. Maybe it’s your quick hack too?

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