[ money : politics : religion ] Let’s talk about something else for a change

When I was growing up, yes that was awhile ago, we'd actually eat dinner together every night as a family (now of course that has it's pro's and con's), never the less, we all sat around the table and reviewed our day together, with just one rule. We weren't allowed to talk about money, sex, … Continue reading [ money : politics : religion ] Let’s talk about something else for a change

[ NEW eBooks ] 2 Sure Ways to get New Clients this Month

» Campaign Dates & Focus: Week of October 9th / BFL Full List - Videocast Subscribers - Customer » Aim & Overview: The purpose is to get the previous trainer, gym, hotel list to download the Weight Loss Shortcut and the forward the offer along to their clients as an advantage for them to get … Continue reading [ NEW eBooks ] 2 Sure Ways to get New Clients this Month

pHx First Before Meeting

When Suzanna mentioned a problem with the Tamari this morning, my less that object response got me thinking and processing what just happened. I then realized that I was still dozing off to sleep and of course had not yet done a round of pHx. To be completely objective and working from a point of … Continue reading pHx First Before Meeting

BFL/BFLT – Tribe of 149 Strategy

Recently received a webinar invitation from Lewis Howes for his next 3 New LinkedIn strategies to build income online. Once I registered the confirmation redirect went to a page Promoting Involvement in His Tribe. He and 3 other people (his partners specialist in Twitter, Facebook and Youtube) offer a sign up to join their Social … Continue reading BFL/BFLT – Tribe of 149 Strategy

Specific Groups Campaign on LinkedIn

October 5th: How do you get more out of your time and effort at the gym? http://lnkd.in/DWKJqH The perfect fit... for ease, speed, and efficiency bodyfitlife.com Find out why this is the 100% aerobic crossfit shortcut everyone is looking for to complement any type of workout or sports training. (Note: although the above posted on … Continue reading Specific Groups Campaign on LinkedIn

Social Media Campaign – LinkedIn

» Strategy... Focus on using LinkedIn to post status updates, direct contact and group comment with existing contacts. The intention is that BFL was built for them and that they can profit depending on how they use it. Also softly announce that the BFLT trainer site, a business in a box, will soon be launches to … Continue reading Social Media Campaign – LinkedIn

Social Media Campaign – Subscribers

Sunday morning, Aug 12 2012 Posted following on LinkedIn under title Weight loss ebook: Launching new weight loss pdf, and would like feedback. Can you help? Response: half a dozen people subscribed within 36 hours. Monday afternoon, Aug 13 2012 Posted various versions of following on LinkedIn under title Make More Money: Body'Fit Life recently … Continue reading Social Media Campaign – Subscribers