pHx Key Positioning & Video Trailer (Like Apple)

As you're finding out pHx™ has revolutionized the very idea of modern fitness with it's breathing-movement pattern, and three-in-one architecture of warm-up, cool down and aerobic crossfit workout. It's a breakthrough and everyone is trying to copy it, but they find it's not so easy. Our customers love how time efficient and effective it is … Continue reading pHx Key Positioning & Video Trailer (Like Apple)

BFL Launch to Subscribers

» Theme & Audience: Fitness That Kills to All Previous Free Trial Subscribers » To Include Videocast Email, Landing Page, Various Blogging and Social Campaigns Support. » Combined Relevance: Do 2 links to women's history of fashion and fitness in the 1930's. » Key Email Article to Landing Page: This Exercise Method is Delaying Your Success, … Continue reading BFL Launch to Subscribers

Intro Conversation Points

If you've identified the person as a woman entrepreneur, then the simplest conversation could go as follows: We help women with the passion for accomplishment attract more success.../ we do that with a getFit stayFit exercise system that you can do anywhere, anytime in any situation. It's accessible on all of your devices and computers, … Continue reading Intro Conversation Points

Postitioning & Conversation Points

I recently had a conversation with a woman who has her own jewelry design business... Some of the things I said such as using the words, "change business" and "increase" did not register with her. I then tested it on a couple of other people and experienced a similar result. I realized in my dream … Continue reading Postitioning & Conversation Points

BFL First Email/ Blog Campaign

Initial Email Campaign to All Previous & New Subscribers >; Plus promote through All Social Media, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Flicker, Etc. >; with full Landing Page like Mercola. Email & HealthQuiz Title: This common activity is keeping you overwhelmed and could be blocking your business success. Or personal success, or career success depending on who … Continue reading BFL First Email/ Blog Campaign