BFL Launch to Subscribers

» Theme & Audience: Fitness That Kills to All Previous Free Trial Subscribers
» To Include Videocast Email, Landing Page, Various Blogging and Social Campaigns Support.
» Combined Relevance: Do 2 links to women’s history of fashion and fitness in the 1930’s.

» Key Email Article to Landing Page: This Exercise Method is Delaying Your Success, and Could Even Kill You before Your Time. Here’s how to surge past this outdated fitness era, ignite passion for outstanding success and quickly get fit for what you live for. When you’re out of balance the resulting stress, depression, and fatigue limits performance, it can even cause severe overwhelm. This easily happens when we exercise in the same old way we’ve been used to since we were young. The trouble is, as it turns out, it keeps you from being inspired to excel, stalls professional success, and strains personal family relationships. Avoiding this old paradigm could even save your life. Please open and read the full story.

» Support Article to BFL Home and BFL Affiliate: Thanks for Waiting; Include Body’Fit pHx™
It’s been a long time. We’re here with an incredible announcement, one that presents you with peak metabolic potential to ignite passion for more powerful personal presence, and most importantly, launches the complete Body’Fit pHx System that helps each one of your clients get fit for the life they live for. There’s more good news too for Trainers, Coaches, Gym and Hotel/Spa owners, you’re just days away from gaining access to a remarkable way to motivate, retain, and profit with existing clients, and even attract new ones.

» Additional Idea’s: We’re here today to launch 3 new products, each on it’s own has the potential to revolutionize, or as we like to say evolutionize fitness and health. We’ve already entered the post anerobic fitness era and pH Fit exercise is the answer for peak metabolic potential. It supports everything we know about sports and fitness, and it will Ignite Passion to get what you want most out of life.

One is an incredible Warm-Up routine which can establish Peak Metabolic Potential in just minutes. The second a one-of-a-kind Cool Down, that balances pH in all organs glands and tissues and equalizes all-muscle VO2 max throughout the body. And three a fast comprehensive Workout that works every joint and muscle, with all-in-one full cardio and core strength conditioning in just 7 to 14 minutes.

Are you getting it? This is not three separate products and routines, it’s one routine and we are calling it Body’Fit pHx. It’s supported by a complete enterprise platform, and already available for all of your devices and computers at one price. It changes everything we already know about fitness, health and sports.

You can do it anywhere at anytime, and it doesn’t require equipment, not even a gym outfit. It’s efficient, effective and complete. IYP or just IP!

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