pHx Key Positioning & Video Trailer (Like Apple)

As you’re finding out pHx™ has revolutionized the very idea of modern fitness with it’s breathing-movement pattern, and three-in-one architecture of warm-up, cool down and aerobic crossfit workout. It’s a breakthrough and everyone is trying to copy it, but they find it’s not so easy. Our customers love how time efficient and effective it is for pH balance and health fit results.

When we re-envisioned how fitness must evolve to precisely match our physical pattern and physiological function, it enabled us to do something that really shook up the industry but at the same time didn’t alienate them. We were willing to discard the old legacy thing so we could engineer something for today and fully fill our needs. There’s never been a fitness routine this fast, this complete, and this easy to integrate into your life.

To create something that’s genuinely new you have to start all over again. What we’ve come up with is incredibly powerful yet remarkably portable. At this level of ease and doability the idea of exercise just seems to disappear. Beyond the basics pHx is a power house. We knew it would have to replace treadmill technology so we engineered it to be the first 100% aerobic exercise routine ever developed. It’s so amazing, that no matter how fast, how long or how hard you do it, you never get out of breath. There’s literally no more huffing and puffing. It uses less effort than walking even though you get a full cardio workout without oxygen deprivation or lactic acid build up. Now with the most advance breathing technique available, and symmetric full body movement and integration, you’ve had a full body crossfit aerobic and cardio workout in 7 to 14 minutes.

pHx would seem to be a complete contradiction, as a workout its built for extreme levels of performance, and yet as a pH balancing warm-up and cool down it makes everything from competitive sports to extreme weight lifting much more sustainable while dramatically reducing recovery time and preventing injury. We’ve rigorously questioned how cell function breaks down and can even becomes toxic during S.A.I.D based and conventional anaerobic exercise. And through that developed the perfect sequence that treats the body as a whole. Every part of the routine makes a collusion that directly benefits the body.

One of our challenges was compressing this intensity of deliverable results into such a short duration, so instead of breaking between exercises, each flows into the next with only one specific breath separating the two, it’s seamless and progresses very rhythmically. Without the additional distractions of stopping and starting between exercises you’re just completely immersed in the program from start to finish. It requires literally no motivation to get started and to keep going.

There are many design elements in pHx that you don’t actually see, but the physiological effects are noticed the very first time you do it. For example the way each exercise builds on the next is truly a breakthrough for reaching peak metabolic potential while stabilizing all-day pH balance in virtually every cell in the body. It truly takes an obsessive approach to develop a product this meticulously designed and engineered.

It’s now available online across all of your devices and computers, anywhere, anytime and in any situation, includes an online community and complete customer support.

The pHx system directly supports the inconceivable strength of humanity for a singular and better world. It’s all about building the sustainable global community, that until now could only be dreamed about.

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