Facebook Positioning & Social Campaigns

This morning during pHx, thank God for the routine, it came to me how to approach our Facebook personal page with a distinctive flair. The theme is ‘WHO AM I” and the I will be the universal “I’… I am VOID, I am ONE, I am the ONE who dances through my exercise routine, I am the ONE who thinks ANALYTICALLY ANALOGICALLY EMPATHETICALLY all-in-one. Friends don’t have to do the same, but they might want to once they get the hang of it… I am the trainer who does this and this to help my clients.

Interesting../ As per the Social Campaign seminar and how Facebook and this pHx Users as this is their Body’Fit forum… We could position it as the Who Am I with pHx Challenge. So the new page header graphics and Title would be WHO AM I?.. And the Constant Contact campaign would bring it back to pHx as a Challenge. Who Am I with pHx. This will result in them sharing there real life pHx stories as they start to unveil who they really are.

All in All it an Incredible positioning you’ve come up with and something no one else is doing. It will also tie incredibly well into Lady Gaga’s new foundation – The Born This Way Foundation..

We will start putting the me Facebook page together next week along with the BFL launch campaign and tie the two together../ including to start the contact process with Lady Gaga.

Interesting that to be in the Challenge they have to learn and be doing pHx… Plus they have to share it with a friend. And we can run the Challenge for some time to help build the Facebook followers. Very, very nice… All word of mouth and Tribe Driven. Another and for You. Champion Idea, and it all came from doing pHx!

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