Postitioning & Conversation Points

I recently had a conversation with a woman who has her own jewelry design business… Some of the things I said such as using the words, “change business” and “increase” did not register with her. I then tested it on a couple of other people and experienced a similar result. I realized in my dream last night that I needed to go with my instincts for marketing and was also present with the idea to frame the marketing on Ignite Passion / Attract Success. Thus the passion part is the wake up because no one talks about something the will stir up the passion you already have, and the attract success becomes the carrot. People desperately want success, but they won’t admit they don’t have it. Fabienne positions on attract clients, and so we want to position on the real success side of things. You can have lots of clients but that doesn’t mean you have health, happiness, wealth and success. As per the word “change”, it scares people and the run from it. It should be reserved for seminars and the conversation once they’ve completed some of the Metawork. Also the work “increase” must be used carefully and is be presented in the actual Attract Results / Attract Success presentation on BFL and BFLT.  As a result I will be fine-tuning the About page and emails. Plus will try this new conversation point the next opportunity I have to explain the business to a woman entrepreneur:

  • (Identify their business) I hear you have a business of your own, what do you do?
  • (Relate) That’s very exciting, how do you market your products?
  • (Introduce) The reason I ask is that we work with women entrepreneurs. We’ve developed a system that works for you to re-Ignite your Passion daily, Attract More Success, and Increase business. Is that of interest to you?  What’s you’re biggest challenge, what do you want most out of life?
  • (The Active) You know most people are only one small adjustment away from gaining the Increase and Success they want most. What do you think that might be for you?  [Loss weight or what ever]
  • (The Attractive) You know that’s exactly where we start, we help you getFit for what you live for in a totally efficient and effective way. The entire system is revealed at Body’ if you’re interested? [listen]
  • (The Function) Give them your business card: You know Cindy this may not be for you, but I think you might want to check it out.  We also have a free videocast email you can subscribe to.

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