BFL First Email/ Blog Campaign

Initial Email Campaign to All Previous & New Subscribers >; Plus promote through All Social Media, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Flicker, Etc. >; with full Landing Page like Mercola.

Email & HealthQuiz Title: This common activity is keeping you overwhelmed and could be blocking your business success. Or personal success, or career success depending on who it is sent to.

Create a landing / sales type page based on a combined relevance topic of the market focus group and or fitness. The page should be like Dr. Mercola’s that validates the claim with scientific proof, warns of what not to do, gives suggestions of things that help a bit, then presents how we developed our solution to be the perfect fit, then offers a coupon based or special order form page as a limited time offer.

Then write an email with the title and teaser text to get you to the landing page… Support via all other media with the same title and a link to the landing page. Include other stuff in the email that goes to various pages in the site but supports the general theme of the email. Create a supportive HealthQuiz blog post. Let the campaign run its course and do direct followup with responders and via tracking and analytics.

After the campaign is over… Archive the email in Health Fit News and in Constant Contact, but with the special offer removed.

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