Top Tips Campaign

» Aim & Goal… Ask Current Subscribers to download a Top Tips eBook, and also with offer for 3 months signup on as a Button on the Landing Page. Follow Hubspot Formula > Email / Download Sign Up Page with Link on the Onscreen Response / Then a Confirmation Email Including the Download Link and Buttons / Category for Top Tips.
» Strategy… Since the Videocast Subscribers are mostly trainers, coaches or spa’s build the email wording around here’s 30 Top Tips that will Motivate your clients for better Retention and Profit. Plus announce the Trainer Site Coming soon. Therefore the Tops Tips eBook should be a part of the tools on BLFT to help their clients. Include as a Keynote/ PowerPoint so they can customize it with their own branding, plus a Generic Body’Fit Trainer PDF copy. Include the following in the campaign. Follow inBound techniques.
» Analytics… Create a BFL Category for those that respond. Follow up with direct email asking to purchase. Also transfer contacts that respond to the BFLT database.

  • Create 30 Top Tips eBook and upload to BFL site, and as a Motivation, Retention tool on BFLT.
  • Create BFL Landing page with Form & onscreen confirmation, plus Response eMail to Download the eBook.
  • Send offer via BFL Videocast Email to all 25,000+ subscribers. Copy eMail to Health’Fit News section.
  • Support for the week, via LinkedIn to Trainer Groups, Twitter, other Blog Discussions.
  • Write Health Quiz Blog to support, the mailing. Plus PR Log publicity.

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