Weight Loss Campaign

» Aim & Goal… Direct Email contact and LinkedIn Group contact with market focus Women Entrepreneurs with the passion for accomplishment. Follow Hubspot Formula > Email & Post to Groups / Download Sign Up Page with Link on the Onscreen Response / Then a Confirmation Email Including the Download Link and Buttons for them to subscribe plus buy the 3 month or lifetime program / Category for Weight Loss.
» Strategy… Since one of the top issues of our Market Focus group is that they are overweight due to working too much and often being inactive at a computer, offer them the free Weight Loss Shortcut ebook. Follow inBound techniques.
» Analytics… Create a BFL Category for those that respond. Follow up with direct email asking to purchase.

  • Use exiting Weight Loss Shortcut eBook.
  • Create BFL Landing page with Form & onscreen confirmation, plus Response eMail to Download the eBook.
  • Send offer via LinkedIn Groups and Direct Emails.
  • Support via Twitter, other LinkedIn Discussion Comments & Blog Discussions.
  • Write Health Quiz Blog to support, the mailing. Plus PR Log publicity.

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