Predisposed to Buy BFLT

From Never Cold Call Again, page 30, Frank continues to suggest you should focus only on the people/companies that are ready to buy. “I had the usual 25% closing ratio in my early days, at least until that day one of my mentors taught me the secret to sales success: “Instead of contacting random people who will NEVER buy your product, create and enact systems to uncover the people who WANT to buy your product.” After a few months of taking that advice and putting it to work, I was sitting at the top of the list with an 80% closing ratio, absolutely unheard of in that industry.

With this thought in mind… I am recording a list, of those that could be ready to buy the BFLT product and then will add to Contact them and Ask for the sale.

  • Gyms/ Yoga, Pilates and Aerobic Trainers that have built their website and message around the idea of pH fitness (plus, those including pH in their URL). These people are saying they have a pH balanced solution, so we want to position BFLT and their purchase of the system so they can say, with truth they have the most efficient and effective pH balance health fit – Body’Fit pHx.

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