Social Media Campaign – LinkedIn

» Strategy… Focus on using LinkedIn to post status updates, direct contact and group comment with existing contacts. The intention is that BFL was built for them and that they can profit depending on how they use it. Also softly announce that the BFLT trainer site, a business in a box, will soon be launches to help them motivate, retain and profit from existing clients, and attract new ones too.

» Posting Ideas…

  • You Own This
  • We Built if just for You
  • This was built for you… Motivate, Retain and Profit from your existing clients now, and attract new ones too.
  • Teach the pHx Exercise System to your clients too Motivate, Retain & Profit. The full body 100% aerobic crossfit workout.
  • Stop Struggling – The All-In-One warm-up, cool down, 100% aerobic cross fit training is yours to share with clients. Motivate, Retain and Profit, plus Attract New Business Too.
  • Post to Groups via Share Function (Show Suzanna how to do this).

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