The Price of Tomorrow Even before Ben Bernanke made the official declaration that the Fed is, in fact, targeting inflation, economists and governments around the world have counted on it to manage ever-increasing debts. Jeff Booth, author of “The Price of Tomorrow,” argues that they are fighting an inevitably losing battle. In this interview with Max Wiethe, Booth … Continue reading The Price of Tomorrow

BFL/BFLT – Tribe of 149 Strategy

Recently received a webinar invitation from Lewis Howes for his next 3 New LinkedIn strategies to build income online. Once I registered the confirmation redirect went to a page Promoting Involvement in His Tribe. He and 3 other people (his partners specialist in Twitter, Facebook and Youtube) offer a sign up to join their Social … Continue reading BFL/BFLT – Tribe of 149 Strategy

Twitter Response to Specific Posts

Good response today, Dec. 22nd 2011, already at 2/3 of yesterday which was at 34 views on HealthQuiz. Attribute to momentum and more sophisticated posts today to Jay-Z Chris  Bosh Donna Newman Howard Stern Joan River and Bill Maher audience focus: "Hoover's police & penguins line up in Carrey's Charlie Chaplin movie. Who's still not a citizen?" "Chaplin's naturalness … Continue reading Twitter Response to Specific Posts

BFL / BFLT Positioning Snapshot

Body'Fit Life is a comprehensive enterprise platform and teaching (or, facilitation) studio that allows anyone with an Internet device or computer to learn pHx, master pHx and take Complete Control of their life for optimal health, happiness and wealth. There's nothing else like this, it changes everything we've every known about exercise and success. Complete … Continue reading BFL / BFLT Positioning Snapshot

No Law without Self Knowledge of the Mind

The importance of understanding the composition of the mind is that otherwise lawlessness rules the land, because there's always a way to get around incomplete laws. We can only determine all the possibilities of the law if we know all the possibilities of the mind. This is the reason why the clarification of consciousness is … Continue reading No Law without Self Knowledge of the Mind

Seal of Approval, Research/ Outreach

It came to me in a dream, just before I woke up. A golden seal stamped with two words 'Research" and "Outreach'. We've been given the missing piece to attracting serious attention to our research fund for pHx. It's one thing when you're "fighting for the cure", people with money like to donate to cancer. … Continue reading Seal of Approval, Research/ Outreach

Viral Through Cause

As the Octagon continues to produce and support causes like Occupy and the Raw Milk Movement, integrate and democratize as follows: Provide the PowerUp Break at their demonstrations and organized events to promote learning pHx, facilitating pHx and people signing up as associate leaders so that they and the group can make money via tweeting … Continue reading Viral Through Cause