Viral Through Cause

As the Octagon continues to produce and support causes like Occupy and the Raw Milk Movement, integrate and democratize as follows:

Provide the PowerUp Break at their demonstrations and organized events to promote learning pHx, facilitating pHx and people signing up as associate leaders so that they and the group can make money via tweeting and social media broadcasts to their followers. Therefore they will have a tool to help them physically, emotionally and intellectually (position as such – Body Integration Management), plus they can generate income so that they can keep doing their protesting full time. Ultimately this will empower and sustain the movement and cause../

Also involvement can be establish through direct contact with one of their key people and via lining up with their tweets such as #occupyvancouver, etc. the BFLT Team can do the same in their city../ we will support as they organize large group trainings as a sponsor or host.

This too is why the sites must be complete before launch../ thus my motivation is to finish. We will need to be, and to be fully organized on the admin side as there could be a flood of Associate Leader requests and purchases to process every day. We must be ready as this goes viral.

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