Seal of Approval, Research/ Outreach

It came to me in a dream, just before I woke up. A golden seal stamped with two words ‘Research” and “Outreach’. We’ve been given the missing piece to attracting serious attention to our research fund for pHx.

It’s one thing when you’re “fighting for the cure”, people with money like to donate to cancer. However the historical moment is driving their guilt even deeper. They are now feeling even more obligated to support the community at large, everybody from people who can’t otherwise afford pHx to prison inmates and the dis-infranchized.  Research combined with outreach makes funding us even more attractive.

As I awoke from the dream, I could feel the Golden Seal becoming part of my iron mission and purpose. This is how we will market pHx; this will also empower the movement and cause as outlined in Douglas’s previous post on Viral Through Cause.

2 thoughts on “Seal of Approval, Research/ Outreach

  1. I’ve added it to the positioning statement for the pHx research fund. The idea is jelling in my mind and can see the ramifications of how this plays out. Lady Gaga’s new foundation has phrased their introduction similarly, but without the research part. Your correct about people wanting to be involved with Outreach. It think it is because so many are stuck in day-to-day jobs and work that have littler or no perceived importance. People need to feel, and actually be important – they need this increase for their health.

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