Required Viral Approach

Lady Gaga recent announced a foundation which has the implications of her own type of occupy, by organizing her monsters for a better world. I believe this is another outcome of the Octagon and as the energy builds there will be more and more. In doing this launch they used an interesting strategy – when you sign up as a subscriber you must send the message to someone you know via social media or email in order to complete the application form. Thus you’ve already started a required viral process even before having access to the information. I believe Google+ did something similar in launching their site, because initially you could only sign up if you were invited… Therefore these people have arrived because someone they know has asked them too – the primary way of getting someone to do something – ask!

This too needs to be built into our sites. The process to do this could be within the actual form or as in the case of the Subscriber application because we only initially ask for their email – they could be sent a validation type of email which directs them to a form where they have to enter a friends email to complete the form – this could also be a way for us to get the rest of their info like name, address, etc. – Done as a permission email validation process. Alternately when they join the pHx research fund they would be required to email or share on social media before finishing the form. And also with other forms.

Initially it seems this could be applicable for site subscribers as explained above for both BFL & BFLT. Then the MWL site and pHx Fund could be almost exclusively driven with this or a similar concepts.

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