No Law without Self Knowledge of the Mind

The importance of understanding the composition of the mind is that otherwise lawlessness rules the land, because there’s always a way to get around incomplete laws. We can only determine all the possibilities of the law if we know all the possibilities of the mind.

This is the reason why the clarification of consciousness is necessary for society to function properly for peace, freedom and the happiness of all humanity. And this is why the forefathers of the American Constitution based it on the Divine Principles.

We are at the historical moment when we have the opportunity through authentic tools for self realization that can match the speed of our time, to achieve a society based on these principles. We can no longer deny the massive contradictions that exist, and this is our advantage.

2 thoughts on “No Law without Self Knowledge of the Mind

  1. As I speak to people here about occupy, those (like John) deliberately avoid any effort to understand why they are there, instead seeing it as a threat to their existence. This denial is where those who are in general lawful, become lawless – to the point that they will remove them by force and any means necessary. I’m now at the point where I remind people they are there because the way we currently do things in this world is not working – would you like to argue that point? Stops the conversation real fast. Yes, it is a historical moment, and people are waking up. It’s just started, and the Octagon is the driving force. This is our most powerful advantage.

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