Specific Groups Campaign on LinkedIn

October 5th: How do you get more out of your time and effort at the gym? http://lnkd.in/DWKJqH The perfect fit... for ease, speed, and efficiency bodyfitlife.com Find out why this is the 100% aerobic crossfit shortcut everyone is looking for to complement any type of workout or sports training. (Note: although the above posted on … Continue reading Specific Groups Campaign on LinkedIn

Social Media Campaign – Subscribers

Sunday morning, Aug 12 2012 Posted following on LinkedIn under title Weight loss ebook: Launching new weight loss pdf, and would like feedback. Can you help? Response: half a dozen people subscribed within 36 hours. Monday afternoon, Aug 13 2012 Posted various versions of following on LinkedIn under title Make More Money: Body'Fit Life recently … Continue reading Social Media Campaign – Subscribers

Twitter Response to Specific Posts

Good response today, Dec. 22nd 2011, already at 2/3 of yesterday which was at 34 views on HealthQuiz. Attribute to momentum and more sophisticated posts today to Jay-Z Chris  Bosh Donna Newman Howard Stern Joan River and Bill Maher audience focus: "Hoover's police & penguins line up in Carrey's Charlie Chaplin movie. Who's still not a citizen? http://wp.me/p8NPM-1Te" "Chaplin's naturalness … Continue reading Twitter Response to Specific Posts

No Law without Self Knowledge of the Mind

The importance of understanding the composition of the mind is that otherwise lawlessness rules the land, because there's always a way to get around incomplete laws. We can only determine all the possibilities of the law if we know all the possibilities of the mind. This is the reason why the clarification of consciousness is … Continue reading No Law without Self Knowledge of the Mind

Seal of Approval, Research/ Outreach

It came to me in a dream, just before I woke up. A golden seal stamped with two words 'Research" and "Outreach'. We've been given the missing piece to attracting serious attention to our research fund for pHx. It's one thing when you're "fighting for the cure", people with money like to donate to cancer. … Continue reading Seal of Approval, Research/ Outreach