Twitter Response to Specific Posts

Good response today, Dec. 22nd 2011, already at 2/3 of yesterday which was at 34 views on HealthQuiz. Attribute to momentum and more sophisticated posts today to Jay-Z Chris  Bosh Donna Newman Howard Stern Joan River and Bill Maher audience focus:

“Hoover’s police & penguins line up in Carrey’s Charlie Chaplin movie. Who’s still not a citizen?”

“Chaplin’s naturalness still not naturalized by Hoover’s penguins in Jim Carrey’s latest.”

Yesterday’s Posts included something like the following to Gloria Steinem of Ms Magazine, Pixar Disney and various actors, artists, athletes and journalists:

“Did Jim Carrey fall asleep with Hoover’s penguins in Charlie Chaplin movie, or was he just broke?”

“Did Beatles cover put Jim Carrey to sleep for Hoover’s Charlie Chaplin money maker?”

One thought on “Twitter Response to Specific Posts

  1. Also starting to again analyze this process, therefore posted two new posts above based on Thanks for the Follow, and Collaboration.

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