Increase Twitter followers

Monitor the new people who follow us (specifically from iPhone or iPod app you can see when they follow and who else in their group followed. Send each a direct Welcome thanks for the follow message with link to the 7-day trial offer at BFL or BFLT depending on the type of person they are../ alternately the Affiliate to people who seem to be interested in wealth.

Plus as you follow, because there is a limit to the number you can follow based on the number of followers you have, it is important to stop following those that don’t retweet or actively support you. Plus you don’t want to follow to many celebrities because they generally don’t follow back and don’t follow many people../ unless of course you can get them to follow. Sometimes all that’s required is that you ASK them to follow and provide with combined relevance the type of info they are looking for.

This in turn creates more validation, followers and leads to follow up on. Ultimately its still and one-to-one process, but with the leverage that they will participate to bring their followers along. Therefore it can become viral.

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