Collaboration via Tweeter & Magic

Upon analysis of how Steve Jobs produced genius in others../ and I know realize it was through collaboration. It is the only magic in society and essentially the outcome of consciousness. But it does require structure, and structure that almost forces it’s development, just as the Metawork is built around structure. And specifically a structure that matches the human psyche perfectly. So with Steve he did a number of things to facilitate collaboration, with the most noticed being the actually building of physical buildings which forced interaction and thus collaboration, and his unrelenting focus to zero in on people (usually with a “that’s shit”) wake up, again facilitating and drive collaboration which could move people from asleep to genius. In both cases it produces genius destined for the common evolution. On the other had consensus is stagnate, easily duplicated and something to be guarded against with complete conviction.

So how does this relate to Twitter. As per my previous blog on Increasing Your Twitter Followers, I realized the best strategy is to force collaboration. This as mentioned is done on a one-to-one basis and requires that tact the each post be based on either a subject which has previously been posted using the @ function, and then using combine relevance to draw comparison and the link to a landing page for collaboration, All within 140 characters. Not easy, because it must also include hastags #, for increase search and relevance, and each @ must feel and actually be personal. Once the collaboration has started and they follow you, then direct messages can be used to nurture and bring them along the decision making ramp. Of course multiple landing pages at the site need to be available to do this effectively so that you can monitor results and adjust your tactic based upon response. On top that you want to, not every time, but now and then ask that they Please Retweet again having to fit all this in the 140 characters.

I’m not sure if this will work, other than the principal of collaboration does and the nurture or ramp process of Tom Hopkins never fails. I’ve actually never encountered anyone doing this on Twitter yet. My assumption though is that it will work, although time consuming. But then our initial goal is for just 3 per day to make an involvement decision for BFL or BFLT. It seems doable, and a strategy which could quickly be duplicated by tribe members.

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