[ Dare To Tell ] the Truth

The success of society as a whole is built upon Trust... However it seems that many people do not understand the critical importance of this and easily slip off the path of integrity. Without  genuine trust, society ultimately fails and people reach a point where they just don't care anymore. In Subir Chowdhury's book, The … Continue reading [ Dare To Tell ] the Truth

Twitter Response to Specific Posts

Good response today, Dec. 22nd 2011, already at 2/3 of yesterday which was at 34 views on HealthQuiz. Attribute to momentum and more sophisticated posts today to Jay-Z Chris  Bosh Donna Newman Howard Stern Joan River and Bill Maher audience focus: "Hoover's police & penguins line up in Carrey's Charlie Chaplin movie. Who's still not a citizen? http://wp.me/p8NPM-1Te" "Chaplin's naturalness … Continue reading Twitter Response to Specific Posts