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October 5th:

How do you get more out of your time and effort at the gym? http://lnkd.in/DWKJqH


The perfect fit… for ease, speed, and efficiency


Find out why this is the 100% aerobic crossfit shortcut everyone is looking for to complement any type of workout or sports training.

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October 4th 2012;

Added additional comment to blog post:

Breathing, although considered an important component of exercise workouts, is generally not considered an initiator of core muscle contraction. I explain how Core Point breathing was developed for just this purpose in the article above.

October 1st 2012

Posted health quiz blog on LinkedIn Groups

Sept 28th 2012:

“No pain no gain” keeps the deconditioned majority inactive and most of the rest, challenged.

Tip the Equation to your Advantage 

Download 30 Top Tips on how to balance muscles prior to your workout, and keep injury risk and recovery pain at bay.

Secondary: Work Smarter Not Harder

Our aims and aspirations can exceed our physical capacity and overpower the body. Our body responds by becoming sick. In this contest neither side wins. Only by balancing mind and body can we succeed in life.

Download 30 Top Tips on how to restore balance and Ignite Passion in minutes without stress prior to work or workout.

Sept 26th 2012 posted on LinkedIN:

http://www.BodyFitLife.com/about Everybody is trying to copy it but they find it’s not so easy.

 How well does it fit in with what already exists?

Not at all with those who don’t rock the boat, but very well with those who recognize that ultimately, difference in outcome is the only real proof of efficacy.

Sept 21st 2012 posted on most Groups on LinkedIn:

Love your workout? Or hate it?

Ignite Passion for exercise daily

30 Top Tips

Sept 16th 2012: Posted to most groups on LinkedIn:

Prep work overcomes workout inertia.

Textbook Foundation  Non-Textbook Innovation

To create something that’s genuinely new you have to start all over again. What we’ve come up with is incredibly powerful yet remarkably portable. At this level of ease and doability the idea of exercise just seems to disappear.

September 13th 2012: Post to sports groups on LinkedIn

How do you restore body pH to integrate mentally and physically for your sport or workout? Peak metabolic rate effortlessly. Never before has it been possible to accomplish this faster or easier. http://healthquiz.wordpress.com

September 13th 2012: Post to end-user market focus groups on LinkedIn

Find you’re dragging your feet to the gym? Give this a Go. Online community for women and men with the passion for accomplishment. http://www.bodyfitlife.com/tips

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