BFL/BFLT – Tribe of 149 Strategy

Recently received a webinar invitation from Lewis Howes for his next 3 New LinkedIn strategies to build income online. Once I registered the confirmation redirect went to a page Promoting Involvement in His Tribe. He and 3 other people (his partners specialist in Twitter, Facebook and Youtube) offer a sign up to join their Social Media Strategy Tribe for $1 which gives you access to all their previous information, then once you’re in, at the end of 30 days they start billing you $99 per month to stay in the tribe. and work together. It seems the relationship would be some sort of consultation for making money with social media (sort of like a basic Fabienne level).

This would be a perfect way to attract our Tribe for BFL / BFLT, as people come on board for $1, for the first 30 days they get to try us out and we get to try them out. Our goal and theirs should be only to stay if they see how and start working with us to democratize pHx and make money in the process. At the end of the 30 days they will start paying the $99 per month to stay in the tribe. As we continue to develop our 149, they too would do a similar thing to get their 149. (Note 149 tribe members paying $99 per month is an income of $177,012 per year… and of course then there are all the other revenues associated with BFL and BFTL.)

My thought is to not try to do this by ourselves, but instead partner with Lewis, as pHx would complement his sports alignment perfectly and be a great addition for fitness and sports to the masses (the exercise shortcut everyone is looking for), plus he already has direct contact with professional teams and even works directly with the Giants. Therefore he could lead the democratization of pHx with pr0fessional sports.

One thought on “BFL/BFLT – Tribe of 149 Strategy

  1. I now am convinced that this is the way to develop BFLT… To primarily be selling it as a services package with verious levels where either we fulfill the servicing or our tribe of 149 facilitators do. The whole idea is to involve people and work with them to that they if fact do implement by learning pHx, integrating it into their mix, and marketing it to their existing customers, plus attracting new ones too.

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