pHx First Before Meeting

When Suzanna mentioned a problem with the Tamari this morning, my less that object response got me thinking and processing what just happened. I then realized that I was still dozing off to sleep and of course had not yet done a round of pHx. To be completely objective and working from a point of reason, one must be aligned with the perfect pattern, and this is what pHx so efficiently and effectively does.

Thanks to this; what I realized is that before any meeting it is a prerequisite to do pHx first. The first agenda event therefore, has to be a pHx Power Up Break (Jump Start). By doing so the participants will experience what we are talking about first hand and the magic of the prestige will already become the attractive. This is the only way to interact with people effectively and to engage their true reason and objective involvement.

Also when we start doing Webinars, or any event where we are talking to or presenting to people, before doing anything else, we must always start with the Power Up Jump Start. Until that point, objective silence in regards to discussing or conversing about any of the meeting topics is a priority. This too builds the element of surprise (The Turn) into every meeting and event.

Plus if everyone of the Tribe do the same when they meet with people or present, they will have nothing but success.

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