Direct Response to Interested Trainers

Sample Letter After They Contact Us with Interest:

Thank you for letting me know Fran. (This intro is meant to tie into their initial contact.)

My marketing executive and I reviewed your blog and opt in site. Our primary focus is to make the pHx System available to gyms and trainers so that they can motivate, retain and profit from clients, plus attract new ones too by using the program. We are on track to launch a trainers site in the next 3-4 month. This site includes certification and everything you’ll need to learn and facilitate other with learning pHx, plus full business support and a proven system for generating income right out of the gate.

Because we market Body’Fit Life and the pHx 100% aerobic crossfit workout directly to customers it’s not in our mix to promote other products through the site, as it only confuses the customer with regards to their buying decision. Once the trainer site is launched Body’Fit LIfe has been built as the primary support platform for the trainer’s customers who are learning the pHx program.

I’d like to suggest and ask that you learn the pHx program for yourself and when we are fully launched help us spearhead the facilitation of other trainers in your area to be teaching pHx to their clients. Your patience is required as this is a ground floor opportunity and our intention is to build for effectiveness and sustainability.

In the meantime when you invest the time to learn pHx, you’ll see we have included an Associate Leader program on Body’Fit Life so that you can generate an immediate income for yourself by simply sharing your own exclusive landing page and sign-up form with your social network. Before doing so it obviously makes sense that you are doing pHx yourself.

If this is of interest to you, get started by following this link…

It’s an exciting time to be involved in the health fitness industry. How soon were you thinking you’d like to be involved with pHx?

All the Best,

2 thoughts on “Direct Response to Interested Trainers

  1. Alternate Ideas & Text (This was roughed out but ultimately the original letter is better)…

    Hello Contact First Name:

    Thank you for your enquiry. We’ve reviewed your request, and see that you are currently operating a facility in City Name.

    You’ll find the pHx routine a perfect compliment to many of the programs you offer. As a warm-up and cool down the rountine of 23 exercises takes about 7 minutes. Plus it can be done as a fully-body 100% aerobic crossfit workout in jus 14 minutes.

    Once you and/or your trainers have learned the pHx exercises facilitating others to learn the workout will follow quickly. (Do pHx first) We are currently finishing up a complete online training program and business system for traininers and gyms. We anticipate making it live this coming January.

    Options: Trainer Access to BFL Learn pHx area for a limited period of time. Include link and password. Also as them to update their profile at BFL. Mention business system to help motivate, retain and profit, plus attract new customers too.

    Stay in the POWER position. RE: Frank – We don’t need them, they need us. Let them buy it, we don’t want to be selling it.

    How to get involved and the finacial model will be sent you by email as soon as it’s available.

    How soon were you thinking you’d like to be involved.

  2. Original Contact from Fran / First Repy:

    Right now life is somewhat complicated by the crisis but my field of work:fitness, health, sports,… still has good opportunities. My case is a little different because I have many years working in different clubs, sports and I arrive to the moment I need a challenge and new professional and personal experiences. Have you ever been to Spain? How is everything where you live? Fran

    Here’s my reply: You know Fran I’ve never been to Spain, but I would like to visit one day soon. For a view of what life is like in Vancouver please view my latest and greatest iMovie I just posted on YouTube. You can view it at:

    Your enthusiasm peaks my interest, and I think you’ll find Vancouver to be very much like Spain in regards to doing business, however we do lack a great football club although the Whitecaps are trying. The economy is perhaps a bit more stabile, but it seems that can change in a heartbeat these days. I and my team are always figuring out ways to make people’s lives better, and this is my top reason for so thoroughly perfecting the pHx 100% aerobic crossfit warm-up, cool down and workout. We are now positioning to launch a complete Trainers program, so collaborating with just the right people is our aim.

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