BFLT – “Show Them Direct” Marketing & Sales

» Concept from Page 54 of Never Cold Call Again
» Aim & Goal… Do this for Associate Leader Sales with Trainers We’ve Identified that fit the profile… Plus for Gyms/Trainers RE: BFLT Sales Set Up their Account… and get them involved with the Associate Leader Program. Then introduce the full BFLT program as a way for them to Motivate/ Retain & Profit, plus keep $275 or 280 of each sales (Consider Changing to $9.95 Registration vs $4.95)
» Strategy… Here’s an example from Never Cold Call… With the recent economic recession, many capable, educated people found themselves suddenly out of work. Someone I know ended up in this very situation, and decided to start a business,working from home, doing web design and local marketing for small businesses.

However, he didn’t do the usual cold calling and advertising that web designers do. Instead, he did his homework and searched online for just about every local business he could find.

He noted the ones with especially bad websites – sites that either were amateurish looking, or that were not optimized for marketing.

He then went through them one by one, and created a stunning, effective, professional website, and uploaded it to his own hosting account.

The initial contact with each decision maker was simple: Via an email or a direct message onFacebook or LinkedIn, he wrote something to the effect of, “I’m a local web designer, and I recently came across your website and had some ideas on how to improve it. I’ve built an all-new website, that you can view at this link. If you like what you see, I can have it live and online in a matter of minutes for $_______. Just give me a call or write back to move forward.”

His closing rate was over 90%.

The bottom line here? He doesn’t TELL prospects what he can do. He SHOWS them.

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