Network Elevator Pitch with Trainers

As I begin to interact with trainers and yoga teachers like Fran whom I know from Beyond Fitness, I’m thinking about how to engage them in helping us. What came to me, is to say something like, “We are looking for partners to help us as we begin to launch our websites. The Body’Fit program is completely compatible with yoga and Pilates, and it helps trainers to retain and motivate their clients, as well as gaining the advantage of an additional perk for your clients. If it’s something you would consider getting involved with, check out the brand new website we’ve just launched.  What’s the best way to say in touch?

2 thoughts on “Network Elevator Pitch with Trainers

  1. In general we always want to refrain from speaking about pHx and talk about Motivation, Retention and Profit with combined relevance. In the case of Fran because she knows Svetlana and that they could not keep their business alive, and that she too struggles with having enough active clients to do her work full time, I’d start the process somewhat like this when she asked what you are doing:

    From a point of providing increase; I’ve realized how difficult it is to be in the fitness business full-time if that’s what you really want, so I founded a company that helps trainers, gym owners and professionals to motivate and retain clients, plus increase your profit to the point of making it really easy to be a full time trainer?

    Thats sounds interesting, tell me about it? What do you find interesting Fran? Well, I’d really like to do my yoga and training full time but just can’t get enough clients. I tell you what, here’s my card, check out the site to get started, and if you’d like to get together, give send me an email. Okay, I will. Etc. Etc.

    Stay away from explaining pHx, the program and business details. Let the website do the work. If she contacts your then you can arrange a one-on-one presso in person or online.

  2. Yes, stay away from details and simply say, “well, we do that (help you retain motivate and profit) in a number of different ways, and we’re just about to launch 3 websites. As soon as they’re launched I can email you the links if you like, or if I see you here at the YWCA I’ll let you know.” That’s if I see Fran before we launch the BFLT website. In this context I don’t know that BFL would be applicable before we launch BFLT.

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