BFL/BFLT – Blog & Social Media Positioning

Facebook BFL Page: Primary forum & blog for Direct pHx User and Trainer Info/ Tips/ Testimony Interviews/ pHx Video Tips/ Trending Health & Fitness > Support with Constant Contact Social Offers/ Twitter and pHx Videocast and Customer Emails/ LinkedIn Posts and Discussion Groups > Archive Top Posts in BFL Health Fit News and on YouTube.

HealthQuiz Blog: Increase Passion ~ Change Business > Primary Blog for BFL & BFLT. Indirect pHx type posts and Combined Relevance Always. Support Email & Contact Campaigns, plus involve pH Research/ Trending Topics/ Save on Healthcare/ Minimize the Risk. Changing Business for the Common Evolution and the Benefit of all. Use  attention getting Titles and SEO like Dr Mercola. Support with Twitter and LinkedIn posts. Link back to BFL and BFLT. Duplicate in The Examiner and On Other News Sites, plus PR Releases.

LinkedIn & Tweeter: Direct contact with people to create leads and subscribers for BFL and BFLT. Plus build our Tribes of 149 for each site in the LinkedIn Database.

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