Social Media Campaign – LinkedIn

» Strategy... Focus on using LinkedIn to post status updates, direct contact and group comment with existing contacts. The intention is that BFL was built for them and that they can profit depending on how they use it. Also softly announce that the BFLT trainer site, a business in a box, will soon be launches to … Continue reading Social Media Campaign – LinkedIn

Campaign Strategy Posts

As we initiate our marketing the aim will be to work the regular weekly strategy schedule, but gear the marketing around campaigns which will be entered as posts. Once the campaign has started the status is changed from Approved to In Process... Each campaign will have an outline with Visualization & Goals / Campaign Specifics … Continue reading Campaign Strategy Posts

pHx Key Positioning & Video Trailer (Like Apple)

As you're finding out pHx™ has revolutionized the very idea of modern fitness with it's breathing-movement pattern, and three-in-one architecture of warm-up, cool down and aerobic crossfit workout. It's a breakthrough and everyone is trying to copy it, but they find it's not so easy. Our customers love how time efficient and effective it is … Continue reading pHx Key Positioning & Video Trailer (Like Apple)

BFL Launch to Subscribers

» Theme & Audience: Fitness That Kills to All Previous Free Trial Subscribers » To Include Videocast Email, Landing Page, Various Blogging and Social Campaigns Support. » Combined Relevance: Do 2 links to women's history of fashion and fitness in the 1930's. » Key Email Article to Landing Page: This Exercise Method is Delaying Your Success, … Continue reading BFL Launch to Subscribers

Intro Conversation Points

If you've identified the person as a woman entrepreneur, then the simplest conversation could go as follows: We help women with the passion for accomplishment attract more success.../ we do that with a getFit stayFit exercise system that you can do anywhere, anytime in any situation. It's accessible on all of your devices and computers, … Continue reading Intro Conversation Points

Postitioning & Conversation Points

I recently had a conversation with a woman who has her own jewelry design business... Some of the things I said such as using the words, "change business" and "increase" did not register with her. I then tested it on a couple of other people and experienced a similar result. I realized in my dream … Continue reading Postitioning & Conversation Points