Corporate, Tribe & Financial Structure

» Collaborative Brainstorming & Barn-raising, a Conscious Process

This outline is presented here so that we can work and reason together on the same product(s) and marketing without restricting each person’s intuition and expertise in developing them. It is a process of collaboration vs. consensus. And through daily communication via this blog, the iCloud calendar and other performance strategy platforms we can move forward all tasks to the completion level required in each moment. By openly sharing the improvements and advances with the team and the others with expertise in that area it will ensure cohesion on both sides, and thus assure that the combined expertise and consciousness of the team is working together in achieving the end goal for the highest mmp, the benefit of all and the common evolution. Further more this will ensure 100% congruency across all products and marketing, and thus the certainty that what’s been done has been done through consciousness and intuition.

Execution in such a manner is of the utmost importance for our success as the team grows in size. Structurally it emphasizes that all tasks and input are equal in terms of their value, and that the primary directive from consciousness once recorded on the marketing/business calendar is the aim we all want to achieve. Individual planning is to be left within each team members control, and must ultimately match the overall plan for the success of the project – which is objective since it’s coming only from consciousness, intuition and reason.

We do not want to get stuck in the competitive plane with our planning and operation, but instead always align all directive for the Metawork from a place of consciousness. In this way we can, without compromise say No if something or someone is not congruent, and without compromise build the correct solution.

This will be achieve through the Apple and iCloud calendar, along with the specific WordPress blogs which support the collaborative discussion process. As we grow we might require a dedicated software pack such as Success Factors. However if it can be achieved through the simplicity of the Apple products then this would remain the best method.

» Financial Compensation & Organizational Overview

  • Tribes… 149 Members: (BFL/ BFLT/ MWL) Each team member will ultimately be involved in the corporate structure as explained below. The individual will migrate to a position within the structure based on their interests, results and efforts. The primary directives of the company will come from the foundation of Intuition and Consciousness as explained above. If involved with the Internal Sales Group they retain 50% of all online sales: BFL for pHx, BFLT for Trainers, and for various amounts for Destination Trainings.
  • Recruiting Team: To get 5% of everything an Associate Leader they hire, earns with the exception of the 35% override the Associate Leader gets from each registered Trainee via a BFLT Trainer.
  • Associate Leaders/Business Development Coordinators (hired via recruiters as Self Employed) retain 65% of all online sales for BFL for pHx & BFLT for new Trainers, Gyms, Others. Plus 35% of all after sales purchases such as BFLT support and residual income from each of their Trainers that register a new pHx client for $9.95. Various other amounts for seminars depending upon their involvement, etc.
  • Marketing Creative Group retains 15% for all leads that result in an online sale for BFL & BFLT: Plus various compensation for event creative, promotion and management.
  • Balance of 35% to: Corp administration, affiliate management, customer support, executive salaries, overhead and the further democratization of the product and the Metawork. This amount would have to be increased when marketing new products such as Metawork apps in order to cover development, product and royalty costs.
  • Associate Leaders / Internal Sales Group responsible for: All lead generation and follow up, presso’s, sales webinars and networking. Primarily to use Never Cold Call strategy and tactics.
  • Marketing Creative responsible for: Inbound marketing and lead generation, creative and IT, including the management of database lists, posts, webpages, etc. Event creative, promotion and management in cooperation with various travel agents with regards to Destination Trainings.
  • Admin Group responsible for: Affiliate management and accounting, customer support, internal systems and communication, and customer tracking and database management.

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