MetaWorks Positioning

» Chief Aim and Purpose of The Site
The Metawork is about realigning ourselves through complete clarification of consciousness with the perfect pattern… and then reinventing how we’re meant to live in the world, for the benefit of all and the common evolution. This is unity, this is a Meta Society. Society exists for our survival not our demise. We are one. It has to be about creating opportunities for people so they can build the lives they deserve and have a right to.

» Name of Site / URL Suggestions
One of the suggestions below should be the primary URL, the secondary one will be The Market focus is to Women and Men with the Passion for Success and therefore the meta title could be Where Women and Men with the Passion for Success Unite to Build Wealth Without Compromise. I’m therefore thinking this site is as much more related to the idea of democratizing the ideas of Wealth Without Compromise and to building a Meta Society (Like Richards Gaiea Capitalism), and thus aimed toward all entrepreneurs and businesses, including the larger corporations and their employees. Kind of more like a Virgin Unite of a New United Nations of Business for the common evolution and the benefit of all.

  • Just Do It… and See What Happens
  • 49 Days to A Business (Life) You’ll Love
  • Build Wealth Without Compromise
  • Attract Results / Attract Success

The structure of the site will be to have the front end only for marketing with top menus, similar to Client Attraction and Never Cold Call Again. The top right menu button will be for Members with drop down items for the additional primary pages (LogIn / Members Welcome Page / Body’Fit pHx / Bonus Goodies / Links / Etc). This member area will not be really viewable to the public. When you login in you’ll be redirected to the Members Welcome Home Page which will contain and overview and strategy of how to implement success. It will also include an additional menu system to specific areas such as the Attract Success program, Learn pHx program, Weight Loss Shortcuts, Bonus Goodies, perhaps a 49 Days to a Life You’ll Love (sort of organized like the 7-Day Jump Start on BFL), Destination Trainings, Link to other Mindworks Life iBooks & Apps. Therefore all other product for the Metawork (Levels) will be created as iBooks and iPad Apps, by ourself and Tribe, plus other forms available online. Also the WealthQuiz blog needs to be imbedded into the Home page like Client Attraction. I will be the video and spokesperson for the site so my LinkedIn profile will support this site.

Home Page Wording Ideas: Let’s get this straight if you don’t have a passion for success and increase in your life this isn’t going to work. The good news is that everyone has a passion for something, it’s just that it may be buried so deep you can’t even find it yourself. The start place is what I call “Will to Do”, and with the right tactics (the training and concise system you’ll find on this site), some brain storming and as I call it barn-raising you’ll not only ignite your passion like ever before, it will transform into a life you’ll love to live.

» Mindworks Life Spiritual Centres
The next big shift in the Hotel Spa business will be Spiritual Centers (this is why Suzanna contacted so many of them to build our database and the key being that the Spiritual work will be the Metawork), and its just on the verge of happening on mass scale – RE: the movie 1000 Words with Eddie Murphy.

Therefore ASK people to build (like the Klippers farm instead of or as the primary revenue steam for a B&B type facility) and with existing Hotel Spa’s Spiritual Centres as retreat destinations, but also a regular meeting centers like Agape, where people who live in the area can come to do the Metawork.

Present the work like a very personalized seminar presentation (where every guest receives an iPad loaded with the iBooks and Apps for the session they are doing. We sell the iBooks and Apps on their own for a high amount, but when they pay for and come to the Spiritual Center Sessions they are included and loaded on an iPad, plus futures sessions can be loaded on their iPad. If they already have one then we would load it onto theirs when they check in. Therefore all their Metawork is in one place and available across all their Apple computers and devices. Have Apple make a portfolio story about the Metawork for one of their conferences.)

These destination Spiritual Retreat sessions would be like in the movie 1000 Words, but instead we would be presenting the work in the same type of relaxed format. The first would be to uncover their Fixation, where we/they look at their face and determine their fixation (iPad has the built in iSight camera so in theory an app using face detection technology could actually determine there fixation – pretty cool) and as they are meditating and siting there while the presenter explains it to them. The regular and weekly attendee’s would be working on the nine levels and doing it at home, but meeting once a week as a group to do the session together. There would also be a general sessions for celebration, music, zeiker, drumming and fellowship together.

» Mindworks Positioning for Marketing & the Evolution of Humanity
We were discussing how the church has pulled the wool over man/woman for 2,000 years now; just think about how ridiculous it is that woman was created from man’s rib “so that she would be close to his heart”. Complete and utter bull shall we say! The Roman rulers of the time came up with the whole scheme to at last control the people from a spiritual angle, and it worked. Its held now for two millennium to the point that people still believe and perpetuate the lie. Not too mention that the US is still trying to pull the same tactics today, in their recent decree that no one in the US Air Force, including their immediate family and relatives are allowed to access the Internet. What mindless stupidity and arrogance to assume they could even make such a demand. Steve saw the light so as to say, when he highlighted the misfits as those who believed they could change the world in the Think Different Apple ad campaign. So where and how does MindWorks Life and the Metawork fit into all this: “Just Think”.

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